“Speak Up” – Against Sexual Abuse……Let’s make a Difference

  • One day I received a mail with “personal issue” written in the subject. The mail was about this boy desperately asking for help. This 17year old boy was being brutally sexually abused by a 32 year old lady. It was horrific and traumatic experience for him.
  • I decided to help him and distance did not create any problem as i genuinely wanted to save this boy from the traumatic abuse. We should be thankful to technology as our sessions continued with help of skype, whats app, telephone, sms etc.
  • The first step included to STOP the abuse and then build confidence in him to “Speak Up” to his parents and inform them about this incident. Abused was stopped, his parents were informed and he felt secured. A long process was involved to help him overcome his traumatic memories. When parents knew about the abuse, they accepted him and provided appropriate support.
  • We also got in touch with the legal associates to guide us through the process. As a result of which, this lady is behind bars and hence we got success in our mission.
  • Like many others, this young boy was like a broken glass. We gathered all pieces together and tried to stick it but cracks are still visible. Counselling helped him. He was later involved in a relationship with a girl and has shown great progress in his academics, improved social life and increased his confidence and self esteem.
  • It is definitely possible to STOP the abuse and gradually get back to your own lifestyle. All you need to do is “Speak up” against the abuse. Let’s make a Difference.
  • This “Speak up “ initiative is for people who:
  • Are currently being victims of any kind of sexual abuse
  • Scared to speak up and inform their parents about the abuse
  • Want to stop being abused
  • Want to undergo counselling to deal with this abuse.

Counselling could be conducted  with the help of various virtual technologies like:

  1. Skype
  2. Telephone
  3. What
  4. Face to face

To get in touch with me and “Speak up” kindly contact me on: manseegupte@icloud.com

In the mail just include your—




contact number:

After receiving the mail,  I shall revert back to you in 24 hours.

So lets join hands and come together to “Speak Up” against Sexually Abuse—Let’s make a Difference. This initiative is a volunteer cause and hence the counselling sessions would be absolutely FREE.

Mansee Gupte


Here I am …


Hello everyone. Yes I am back I know I am writing this blog after really really long time but due to lot of other things i was really busy and couldn’t give much time to blogging. Firstly, I would really like to thank everybody who has read and appreciated my blog and all the followers who have been reading and following  my blog  regularly.

In this time gap, i have conducted a lot of life skills sessions for my PYP and MYP children and have been very busy with personal as well as group counseling session . I have been working with special needs children and help them in remedial teaching.

I have designed lot of counselling and life skill related products for my store on teacherspaysteachers. You can find almost over 50 products designed by me hence, i request you all to please have a look into my store and buy various products which are useful to you and your children. I have made amazing and fabulous lesson plans on various topics which includes verbal and discussion based activities, stories, paper pen activities, individual task and group activities etc. ready to use products and life skill sessions are found in my TPTstore for handy use counsellor. Some of these materials or stories based on Indian setting and characters but you can customize and use it as per the needs of your class and students.

After visiting the store, kindly let me know if you find something interesting or useful as you can also give your suggestions to me in this blog by writing some comment or giving a suggestion to improve my products/materials.

Also feel free to let me know if you are looking for some lesson plan/ activities to conduct some specific life skill topic, as i can design and prepare a proper grade level lesson plan for your use.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and visiting my tptstore. I plan to write blogs often so enjoy reading and purchasing my products.

Take Care

Thank you

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee

Middle School, Here i Come!!!-Transition Program…


Yes it’s that time of the year when students and teachers become emotional. Time to say GOODBYE and accept the next change happily and willingly. Time for Transition…..from elementary school-PYP to middle school- MYP. This year, from PYP, both grade 5 and 6 grade students are graduating.

So I planned a interesting, informative and interactive Transition program for these students.

I started with a “pre-reflection sheet” consisting of 7 questions which focused on their thoughts, feelings and concerns. After gathering this information, I compiled all the data and sorted out their questions and concerns/worries. This data proved very useful for me to plan for the Transition Program.

I referred lot of sources, websites, and books to plan the proper Transition Program as I had to plan it for the duration of only 1 hr.

This middle school transition program includes supports designed to:

• Help students form a realistic expectation of what middle school will be like;

• Provide a positive and successful first impression;

• Respond to the needs and concerns of students;

• Demonstrate an inviting, supportive, and safe environment;

• Have multi-faceted guidance and support structures;

• Ensure a successful introduction to the middle school experience.


The speakers for this program included:

  • Counsellor
  • Grade 7 students
  • MYP Teachers
  • MYP Co-ordinator
  • PYP Co-ordinator

Sharing of the MYP experience from grade 7 students is very important i feel, as they talk about positive as well as their negative experiences. i had just infirmed them that when sharing a negative experience, they have to also share about the ways they dealt with that situation and coped with it.

The goal of the speakers would be to encourage and guide students for their journey in middle school. They would share their experiences and talk about their expectations in form of behaviour and academics from the budding MYPians. Speakers would also give information about the daily schedule and important events in MYP along with whom to approach in a difficult situation.

I have made a beautiful PPT on this transition program which will be liked by your students. You can buy this PPT along with a “pre-reflection sheet” here http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mansee-Gupte

The cost of this worksheet is kept at a very reasonable rate, so that most of you can buy and use it for the benefit of the children

Thank you for reading my blog…..



EXHIBITIONS…..yes it is EXHIBITION which is keeping me very busy. For those who are not aware I would like to tell you about it.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a PYP school and student, synthesizing the essential elements of the PYP and sharing them with the whole school community. As a culminating experience it is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile that have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP. In the students’ final year of the PYP, which occurs in some schools at age 10–11 and in others at age 11–12, there are five units of inquiry and the exhibition. The exhibition unit takes place under any transdisciplinary theme at the discretion of the school. Students are required to engage in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. The central idea selected must be of sufficient scope and significance to warrant a detailed investigation by all students.

 The PYP exhibition has a number of key purposes:

  • for students to engage in an in depth, collaborative inquiry
  • to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning.
  • to provide students with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives
  • for students to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years and to reflect upon their journey through the PYP
  • to provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding
  • to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning
  • to unite the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP
  • to celebrate the transition of learners from primary to middle/secondary education.

( as mentioned in IB document- PYP exhibition guidelines)

Our theme for the exhibition is “where we are in place and time” and my group is working on the concepts “Connection and Perspective”.

As you must have understood by now, i am the mentor for exhibition due to which i am busy. In my group, there are 7 students with different learning styles. There are 4 students who require special education (academically weak). Being a counsellor and SEN teacher, these children are in my group as they need special help and their maximum talent can be utilised using various remedial techniques.

Currently we are working on our second line of inquiry and soon about to proceed to third line of inquiry. The issue that we will be working on is “Water”- as there is major scarcity of water in Maharashtra, India currently.

This is my second year as a mentor and i am enjoying this job profile. Sadly my regular counselling sessions are being affected but, I am having remedial sessions and using various learning strategies in this process of exhibition. Differentiated tasks and activities are allotted to these children hence they do not feel the burden or the feeling of being left out does not exist.

It’s challenging to be a mentor for a group which has different learners. I am using lot of remedial techniques for these 4 students and extracting the best from them. My focus in the exhibition from these students is, only to focus on their learning and understanding of the unit and the inquiry

That’s it for now. I shall write more about the further process of exhibition soon.

Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee

Enemy Pie…


IMG02244-20130128-1246IMG02245-20130128-1247This lesson plan is based on the topic friendship which was conducted for grade 5 students. The objective is to help children understand there are ways of converting your enemies into your friends and it’s better to have friends than enemies.


IMG02250-20130128-1248 IMG02249-20130128-1248 IMG02248-20130128-1248IMG02246-20130128-1247

Story Board individual pictures

Activity started by showing Video – “Enemy Pie”. Then discussion was followed, based on the story. The questions focused were:

1. What is the opposite of a friend? Is it a stranger, is it an enemy, or is it something else?

2. Who here has a best friend? What special qualities make this person a friend?

3. What do you think is an “Enemy Pie”??


Enemy Pie worksheets
Enemy Pie worksheets

 Children made storyboard of 6 pieces, based on the story- “Enemy Pie”. Everyone enjoyed the story as well as activity. Worksheets were given to the students as an activity which included drawing as well as expressing their favourite part of the story. Most of them liked the part, when enemies turned friends. Bulletin board was made with the help of children.

Check out the Enemy Pie Worksheets



Thank you for reading my blog…
Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee


Don’t laugh at me.!!!



The objective of this lesson plan is to develop empathy, build awareness of actions that constitute put-downs. This lesson plan is for creating awareness about bullying and helping children to learn, how it feels when someone laughs at them.


The flow of the session was:


  1. Video : Don’t laugh at me
  2. Discussion based on the video.
  3. Sharing of personal experiences
  4. Reflection Activity: Chart paper was provided to all students and they were asked to draw a scene from the video and write about their own reflection.


Students found the video very touching and sensitive. The video was shown 3-4 times as everyone like the video and the message it conveyed. They got an opportunity to express their feelings when someone laughed at them. The difference between fun teasing and serious teasing was discussed with examples.  “People laugh at us and say mean things to us so that we feel bad and sad” was discussed in the class.  Few of the examples were used to explain this issue. Children understood an important message from the video:

“Don’t laugh at me

Don’t call me names

Don’t get your pleasure from my pain

In God’s eyes we’re all the same

Someday we’ll all have perfect wings”


They understood that a bully gets pleasure and feels powerful from others persons pain when he tease his victim. As a result of this session, the teasing behaviour reduced in class. If teasing occurred, the victim would say-“Don’t laugh at me or don’t make fun of me or don’t tease me”. Children became more expressive about being bullied and that also helped reduce the bullying/teasing behaviour in the classroom.

Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee

In my Classroom


This lesson plan is designed for classroom management. I conducted this for grade 1. There are various small behaviours which we want to train in our young children which would help us in managing classroom. The goal of this lesson plan is to recognize that there are different ways of behaving and one is expected to behave in a certain manner in classroom.

As an ice breaker activity, I started with the game- “Simon say…”. It was fun as all children were attentive to follow the actions. Everyone enjoyed the ice breaker activity. This activity helped to have a better rapport with the entire class.

Then, I showed the class a PPT, on general classroom manners made by me. This PPT basically shows children what is expected from them in a classroom setting. During the session, they were following the commands from the PPT like they were raising hands when they wanted to answer, they were taking permission and taking turns in answering etc

A teacher can also take a print out of the slides and make an attractive bulletin board or just display on the board. They could then keep reminding children or refer to the board if in case of difficulty dealing certain behaviours with a single child or with classroom.

being in grade 1

Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee