Cognitive Behaviour Training (CBT) Training Program- Chennai


I recently attended a training program as part of professional development. It was conducted in Chennai, India. The training was on “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” (CBT). It was level 1 certificate course.

This course was conducted by Deborah Mc Nally from “Salford Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Centre, Manchester, UK” in collaboration with the “CARE Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Chennai, India.”

More information on these institutes can be found on these sites :

This training as scheduled from 26th November to 30th November 2012. I came across people from various fields mostly who had come from southern part of India. Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist, Psychology Students, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurses, Nurses, Counseling Psychologist, School Counsellors etc attended this training program.

The training was conducted in form of handouts, PPT’s, videos, role pays, case studies etc. The disorders focused were panic disorder and depression. Basic concepts of CBT were explained very clearly and Deborah shared few techniques/ strategies of using CBT with children and young people. This training proved very useful to me. More details of the contents, details of the above mentioned training program is attached here. Salford CBT Level 1 – November

The hospitality by CARE institute was worth appreciating. I am really thankful to my school for granting me permission to attend this valuable and informative training.

Thank You for Reading my Post..

Mansee Gupte- Chatterjee


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