I can be a “Super Friend”


I made a lesson plan for prep1, pre2 and grade1 (it was conducted separately as per the grade level). The focus of this unit was to learn to co-operate in class, be friendly with others, share things and toys. I also interconnected it with respective academic units of the above mentioned grades- body parts, family and sense organs.

The activity started by displaying a PPT based on “Super Friend” on the projector followed by loads of interaction which included examples, simple problem solving situations, modeling of certain behaviours, sharing of opinions etc.

i can be superfriend

Observation time of a week was set. The respective grade homeroom teachers were asked to select a child who displayed maximum characteristic of being a “Super Friend”. The selection was decided to motivate and praise the children who displayed the characteristics of being a “Super Friend”. The homeroom teacher was asked to prepare a small description (write up) of the criteria’s that matched with the child’s behaviour or any short incident which showed the child’s qualities of being a “Super Friend”.

This deserving child was then appreciated with customized “Super Friend” certificate in the PYP assembly and the short description was read by the PYP co-coordinator. This reading out of positive description helped to increase the child’s self esteem and set as a positive example for other PYPians.

Certificate_Kasturi Bhattacharya

The criteria’s for selection were:

  1. Being friendly with everyone in class.
  2. Helpful towards classmates.
  3. Others want to be this child’s friend.
  4. Avoids using mean words or actions like hitting.
  5. Taking turns while playing or sharing their things (stationary, books etc.)

The intention of this program was, to inform children that they are being watched and reinforced for their appropriate actions; it would be inspiration for others to inherit the qualities and characteristics of “Super Friend” and improve their friend ship skills.


Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee



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