Friendly Fuschia


I designed this lesson plan for prep 2 class for their unit “Story”. Being a counsellor, I thought of combining their unit “Story” with counselling (Classroom Counselling/ Guidance Class) and focus on the current problems in the class. Before designing the unit, I had a discussion with their homeroom teacher where I gathered information about the class, her concerns, distraction/unpleasant behavious in class etc. The outcome of the discussion was to address the class about teasing and to develop a better bond among the classmates.


Activity Outline:

  •  Read attached story “Friendly Fuschia”.friendly fuchsia
  • Review each character and
  •  Reinforce that students choose their behavior and that there can be a lot of “Friendly Fuchsias” in the class. (not gender specific)
  • Discuss the behaviour cards and in form of activity, differentiate the “Good behavior and Bad behavior” cards. Good Behaviour

“Good behaviour and Bad behaviour” cards were given to the class and they had to identify the good behaviour and bad behaviour and stick the cards on two separate plain sheets of paper.

It is very important for students to know that “Friendly Fuschia” is not Gender Specific. This character focuses on demonstrating effective skills for being friendly and polite and to avoid other disturbing behaviours in class.


After Effects:

Homeroom teacher assigned the title of “Friendly Fuschia” to each child every day to help them be responsible and display characteristics of “Friendly Fuschia”. This helped in managing the class. As per the teachers’ feedback, this lesson made an impact in their minds and teasing behaviour reduced. Children are friendlier with their classmates.

Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee


About Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee

My name is Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee and I am working as a Middle School Counsellor in an IB school in India. I work with students grades 6-8. The purpose of this blog is to share the resources, knowledge, interact with other counsellor's and know about their best practices in dealing with children.

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