Friendship Cake


This activity was conducted for grade 6students .The objective of this activity is to help children develop skills to interact with others, demonstration of effective skills for interacting individually and in group. This activity helps them understand the essential elements of friendship.

cup cake

Materials: crayons/ sketch pens, cake cutout

bulletin board

bulletin board



Activity Outline:

  • Brainstorm on the topic “what comes to your mind when you hear the word friendship?. Write the responses on the board. Eg- honest, loyal, truthful, supporting, caring etc.
  • Brainstorm on the topic “when you think of recipe what action words come to your mind?” eg- blend, stir, mix, bake, fry etc. write the responses on the board.
  • Brainstorm and list on the board measurements and quantity required in recipes. Eg- kg, gram, lts, 1 spoon, ½ spoon, ¼ th spoon etc.
  • Provide the cake cutouts to the class.
  • Explain the class that they have to write a recipe for “Friendship Cake” which includes the details from the brainstorming sessions. Relevant examples were provided.
  • Lastly they have to decorate their cake in a colourful way.

cake cut out

Friendship Cake Example


  • • 1      cup of helping others
  • • ½    cup of compromise
  • • 2      cups of trust
  • • 4      tablespoons of compliments
  • • 1      cup of cooperation
  • • 2      cups of loyalty
  • • ¼    cup of self-esteem
  • • 2      tablespoons of kindness
  • • 2      tablespoons of caring
  • • 2      tablespoons of honesty


Few of students work can be seen here.

IMG02188-20130123-1040 IMG02189-20130123-1040 IMG02190-20130123-1041

friendship cake samples by children

friendship cake samples by children

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