School Counselling Linking Party 2013


linky2“Linky Party” is a very new concept to me and I am glad to participate in such an event. This is the specialty of the web world that I can participate from India and we all can be easily connected and have clear communication. Thanks Marissa for providing such a partying opportunity.

Well, I am a newbie in the blogging world, just started in November 2012. I have written very few posts and shall continue writing more this year.


I think my “Best Blog Feature” will be “Program” where I will include various School Wide Counselling Programs conducted for the entire PYP. You can read more about the programs here.


I like my post on “Special Day”. It was indeed a “Special Day” at school as the entire PYP was celebrating and thinking about their “Special” qualities. I also like this post because I have supported it with many pictures.


As I have just started, I still have not received any feedback for the post clamming “Most Popular Blog Post”. Maybe I can answer that in next “Linky Party”.

But I also like my blog about “Friendly Fuschia” as it was a fun session with prep 2 class and the session was really effective and it reduced their teasing behaviour and helped them have a better rapport with their classmates. i am sure you all will like this blog.


These blogs have actually inspired me to start blogging. Thanks for all the resources provided on these blogs.

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Want to participate?

Create a blog post titled “School Counseling Linky Party 2013.”
Place the Linky Party logo (above) in your post.
Answer the questions (above). You are free to copy and paste my headers if you’d like.
Submit your blog post link (below). Be sure to link to the actual post, not your homepage.

Now everyone can catch the highlights from amazing school counselor blogs

Thanks for reading my Blog



About Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee

My name is Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee and I am working as a Middle School Counsellor in an IB school in India. I work with students grades 6-8. The purpose of this blog is to share the resources, knowledge, interact with other counsellor's and know about their best practices in dealing with children.

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