Enemy Pie…


IMG02244-20130128-1246IMG02245-20130128-1247This lesson plan is based on the topic friendship which was conducted for grade 5 students. The objective is to help children understand there are ways of converting your enemies into your friends and it’s better to have friends than enemies.


IMG02250-20130128-1248 IMG02249-20130128-1248 IMG02248-20130128-1248IMG02246-20130128-1247

Story Board individual pictures

Activity started by showing Video – “Enemy Pie”. Then discussion was followed, based on the story. The questions focused were:

1. What is the opposite of a friend? Is it a stranger, is it an enemy, or is it something else?

2. Who here has a best friend? What special qualities make this person a friend?

3. What do you think is an “Enemy Pie”??


Enemy Pie worksheets
Enemy Pie worksheets

 Children made storyboard of 6 pieces, based on the story- “Enemy Pie”. Everyone enjoyed the story as well as activity. Worksheets were given to the students as an activity which included drawing as well as expressing their favourite part of the story. Most of them liked the part, when enemies turned friends. Bulletin board was made with the help of children.

Check out the Enemy Pie Worksheets



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