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“Speak Up” – Against Sexual Abuse……Let’s make a Difference

  • One day I received a mail with “personal issue” written in the subject. The mail was about this boy desperately asking for help. This 17year old boy was being brutally sexually abused by a 32 year old lady. It was horrific and traumatic experience for him.
  • I decided to help him and distance did not create any problem as i genuinely wanted to save this boy from the traumatic abuse. We should be thankful to technology as our sessions continued with help of skype, whats app, telephone, sms etc.
  • The first step included to STOP the abuse and then build confidence in him to “Speak Up” to his parents and inform them about this incident. Abused was stopped, his parents were informed and he felt secured. A long process was involved to help him overcome his traumatic memories. When parents knew about the abuse, they accepted him and provided appropriate support.
  • We also got in touch with the legal associates to guide us through the process. As a result of which, this lady is behind bars and hence we got success in our mission.
  • Like many others, this young boy was like a broken glass. We gathered all pieces together and tried to stick it but cracks are still visible. Counselling helped him. He was later involved in a relationship with a girl and has shown great progress in his academics, improved social life and increased his confidence and self esteem.
  • It is definitely possible to STOP the abuse and gradually get back to your own lifestyle. All you need to do is “Speak up” against the abuse. Let’s make a Difference.
  • This “Speak up “ initiative is for people who:
  • Are currently being victims of any kind of sexual abuse
  • Scared to speak up and inform their parents about the abuse
  • Want to stop being abused
  • Want to undergo counselling to deal with this abuse.

Counselling could be conducted  with the help of various virtual technologies like:

  1. Skype
  2. Telephone
  3. What
  4. Face to face

To get in touch with me and “Speak up” kindly contact me on:

In the mail just include your—




contact number:

After receiving the mail,  I shall revert back to you in 24 hours.

So lets join hands and come together to “Speak Up” against Sexually Abuse—Let’s make a Difference. This initiative is a volunteer cause and hence the counselling sessions would be absolutely FREE.

Mansee Gupte