Hello everyone…

I am Mansee Gupte- Chatterjee, a Counselling Psychologist. I am working in a school setting as a School Counsellor since 8 years. I love and enjoy working with children and adolescent..they r so naive and unpredictable and that makes them special and unique…

Counselling field is so challenging and not monotonous….everyday is a new day and every case is different as we are dealing with human minds..

Till recently, I was working as a PYP School Counsellor but now i have promoted to MYP (middle school) in an international IB and IGCSE curriculum school in INDIA.. I conduct lot of life skills sessions, individual counselling as well as group sessions. My approach is completely child centric. I deal with children from age 12 to 15 years which is the most tricky age group of children transitioning from pre teens to teens. I so love working with this age group as I find their issues and problems challenging.

Please visit my tpt store, where you can find amazing products for your class, private practice or for your own child.

I am soooooooo really grateful to you for visiting my blog and my TPT store.
please provide feedback and suggestions if any…

Keep in touch …

Take care.


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