Yes I am lucky; it feels like I am living my dream. If in 1999-2000 anyone would have asked me what my career goal was in life or what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have said “ I want to be a Counselling Psychologist”.  Here I am in 2012 living and experiencing my dream of successfully working as a Counselling Psychologist since 5years. Thank you God.

I have always enjoyed working with children and adolescents. It is said that adolescents are the toughest age groups to work but I started my counseling career with this age group as I was working in a college as a “College Counsellor”. Working with children gives me immense pleasure and joy. They are so naïve, innocent, pure, smart, creative and intelligent. One can do so many creative things with them. I love my profession and I am proud to be part of this field. I am currently working in an international school since 2 yrs which follows an IB and IGCSE curriculum. I am a  PYP school counsellor dealing with children from  prep1 (pre-primary) to grade 6. I have recently started blogging as I want to share my knowledge and be in touch with other school counsellor working with great dedication. I have to admit that I have been inspired by Marissa Rex.  Her site, is filled with lot of valuable information. It  is amazing that she shares it with the world and gives guidance and support to new counsellors. I, being highly inspired by her, wish to share my documents, ideas, lesson plans etc with everyone. It would be a great way of communicating with  school cousellors all over the globe and a better way of updating what new happening in the counselling world. So keep checking my blog for new ideas, documents, lesson plans, counselling sheets etc. kindly let me know your opinions and feedback via comments or you can mail me and share your ideas.


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