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“Think Good- Feel Good”—A useful book


My 2 week long Diwali Vacations have come to an end. In the beginning, I had planned to search about various counselling lesson plans, activities for group sessions, write/upload more self created counselling related material on my blog ..but due to family commitments I was unable to do it. But yes I have completely enjoyed my vacation with my family and friends which makes me fresh and energetic to start working with enthusiasm and passion..

Though I had a hectic schedule, I struggled to take some time off and read this amazing book which I recommend you all to read. The name of the book is “Think Good-Feel Good” which is written by Paul Stallard. This is a workbook on CBT which is designed for children and adolescent.

“Think Good – Feel Good” book is an exciting and pioneering new practical resource in print which have been developed by the author and trialled extensively in clinical work with children and young people presenting with a range of psychological problems.

Paul Stallard introduces his resource by covering the basic theory and rationale behind Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and how the workbook should be used. An attractive and lively workbook follows which covers the core elements used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programmes but conveys these ideas to children and young people in an understandable way and uses real life examples familiar to them. The practical series of exercises and worksheets introduce concepts that can be applied to each unique set of problems.

The activities mentioned in the book are so powerful and useful for therapy with children and adolescent. With the help of this book CBT could be easily explained and taught to children.

You can find this book by following the below mentioned link.

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If u have read the book please share your experiences or opinions.

I am waiting to get back to my individual/group sessions and classroom counselling sessions( guidance classes) and apply the teaching of this book.

P.S: the Blogger by any ways it not trying to promote this book but finds this resource material useful for therapy sessions.

Thank You for reading this Blog….