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My Feeling Bag….


Here is the counselling lesson plan for “My Feelings Bag

bulletin board

bulletin board



Title of Lesson: My Feeling Bag

Lesson Topic: Feelings

Target Grade: 2

Duration:  60 mins

Objective: To learn to identify feelings and to recognize that feelings can be expressed as well as hidden. This is in relation to their current unit.

Materials: paper bag, crayons or sketchpens and different/same colour small strips of paper.

Activity Outline:

  1. Brainstorm the feelings words and jot down on the board.
  2. Make paper bags (by children) and have strips of papers ready.
  3. Explain the concept of “expressing feelings and hiding feelings” using paper bag as a metaphor to describe one’s own body.
  4. Ask Children to decorate their paper bag in a colourful way.
  5. Form two groups and provide them with rough sheet. One group will write “the feelings that they can express” and other group will write “the feelings they generally hide”. Share responses and discuss with relevant examples.
  6. Then individually provide them their paper bag. Ask children to write the feeling words they generally express, on the outside of the bag.
  7. Strips of paper are used to write the feeling words which they generally hide. One feeling word will be written on one strip of paper, then they have to put these strips inside the bag to show hidden feelings.
external side of the bag

external side of the bag

external side of the bag

external side of the bag



 external decoration on the bag

external decoration on the bag

Questions focused:

  • Do you have more feelings that you keep to yourself or express to others?
  • What do you think will happen if you kept all feelings to yourself and never expressed to others?
  • Do you usually feel better or worse when you share your feelings with others?
  • Have you ever had a bigger problem when you haven’t expressed your feelings?
  • Do you think it’s better to express your feeling or to hide it?

Children were able to identify and recognize the hidden feelings and the expressive feelings of themselves, their friends and even their family members. This session also proved very useful as it was in co-ordination with their unit-“Expression of Feelings”.

hidden feelings

hidden feelings


IMG02221-20130123-1059I generally follow this format for all my classroom counselling sessions. Kindly share your classroom counselling/ Guidance classes format. You could also suggest me how I could improvise my format.

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Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee