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In my Classroom


This lesson plan is designed for classroom management. I conducted this for grade 1. There are various small behaviours which we want to train in our young children which would help us in managing classroom. The goal of this lesson plan is to recognize that there are different ways of behaving and one is expected to behave in a certain manner in classroom.

As an ice breaker activity, I started with the game- “Simon say…”. It was fun as all children were attentive to follow the actions. Everyone enjoyed the ice breaker activity. This activity helped to have a better rapport with the entire class.

Then, I showed the class a PPT, on general classroom manners made by me. This PPT basically shows children what is expected from them in a classroom setting. During the session, they were following the commands from the PPT like they were raising hands when they wanted to answer, they were taking permission and taking turns in answering etc

A teacher can also take a print out of the slides and make an attractive bulletin board or just display on the board. They could then keep reminding children or refer to the board if in case of difficulty dealing certain behaviours with a single child or with classroom.

being in grade 1

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