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The boy who cried wolf


This is such an age-old story but definitely one of my favourites. I have heard this story so many times as a child. This is a perfect story that talks about being honest and not troubling/fooling innocent people around us.

One of the teacher’s, told me about a student in her class who recently started lying. So I thought of taking this as a counselling lesson plan and explaining about consequences of lying and not being honest with others. This lesson plan was targeted for grade 1 –age 5-6 yrs and the duration was 40 mins.

I started with showing the video of “The boy who cried wolf”. I showed the video twice to help them better understand the meaning of the animated story.the boy who cried wolf

We discussed about the moral of the story in English as well as Hindi. The consequences of being dishonest were also discussed. Children were sharing their experiences of the times when they had lied.

Activity included providing them with picture sheets, which they coloured and were later displayed on the board. boy and wolf.

We made a beautiful bulletin board for the class on “The boy who cried wolf.”

The effect of this activity:  If a lying incident occurs in class, the teacher refers to this story (on the bulletin board) and the children correct themselves as they now know the consequences of lying.

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Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee