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Middle School, Here i Come!!!-Transition Program…


Yes it’s that time of the year when students and teachers become emotional. Time to say GOODBYE and accept the next change happily and willingly. Time for Transition…..from elementary school-PYP to middle school- MYP. This year, from PYP, both grade 5 and 6 grade students are graduating.

So I planned a interesting, informative and interactive Transition program for these students.

I started with a “pre-reflection sheet” consisting of 7 questions which focused on their thoughts, feelings and concerns. After gathering this information, I compiled all the data and sorted out their questions and concerns/worries. This data proved very useful for me to plan for the Transition Program.

I referred lot of sources, websites, and books to plan the proper Transition Program as I had to plan it for the duration of only 1 hr.

This middle school transition program includes supports designed to:

• Help students form a realistic expectation of what middle school will be like;

• Provide a positive and successful first impression;

• Respond to the needs and concerns of students;

• Demonstrate an inviting, supportive, and safe environment;

• Have multi-faceted guidance and support structures;

• Ensure a successful introduction to the middle school experience.


The speakers for this program included:

  • Counsellor
  • Grade 7 students
  • MYP Teachers
  • MYP Co-ordinator
  • PYP Co-ordinator

Sharing of the MYP experience from grade 7 students is very important i feel, as they talk about positive as well as their negative experiences. i had just infirmed them that when sharing a negative experience, they have to also share about the ways they dealt with that situation and coped with it.

The goal of the speakers would be to encourage and guide students for their journey in middle school. They would share their experiences and talk about their expectations in form of behaviour and academics from the budding MYPians. Speakers would also give information about the daily schedule and important events in MYP along with whom to approach in a difficult situation.

I have made a beautiful PPT on this transition program which will be liked by your students. You can buy this PPT along with a “pre-reflection sheet” here

The cost of this worksheet is kept at a very reasonable rate, so that most of you can buy and use it for the benefit of the children

Thank you for reading my blog…..