Its a Special Day

We Celebrated “Special Day” in our school on 2nd Nov 2012. It was focused for the target population of grade 1 to grade 6 and was extended to the staff of PYP as they would get the benefit of exploring themselves and participating in “Special Day” along with the children. I organized this event on the grounds of PBIS (Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support) to create a positive environment in PYP among students and staff.

The purpose of conducting “Special Day” was to help the person know and feel that they are special and unique. Writing a specific special quality about themselves will help them have an insight to their positive behavior and thoughts. This activity will help raise their self esteem and make the person feel good and confident.

                                      This is the Bugs Bunny Cut out

Activity Outline:

  • Introduction of the Special character “Bugs the Bunny” – in the PYP assembly via PPT story. Bugs the Bunny
  • A small talk on being special and unique.
  • Going to each class at a fixed time and giving slips of paper where they have to write the reason for being special and then put the slips in the “Special Box”.
  • “Special Box” was placed in counselling room so that anyone could add more slips of paper in their free time.

                                                  Special box in counselling room

Slips “I am Special because…..”

There was positive atmosphere in the PYP block on this “Special Day”. This activity turned out to be more effective and positive than I thought. Children were so excited and happy to fill the slips and put it in the “Special Box”. “Special Day” needed a Special type of Box, so I covered a box with chart paper and decorated it to make it look attractive to children. Each child contributed more than 2 slips. Teachers also showed their excitement by filling the slips.

This is the special box created to look more attractive   


Slips filled by children and teachers   

The bulletin board


Bunny cut out along with the tag “It’s a special day” was displayed on the main bulletin board. One child from each grade was selected and awarded with “I am Special Certificate”. This was chosen on the basis of the unique and different reasons mentioned by the children for being special. Other children were also appreciated for their efforts. The slips of paper were displayed on the bulletin board for everyone to read the special qualities.

                                                     This was used on certificate

This event was really a success. It helped teachers and PYPians to think about their special qualities and the specific reason which makes them special. Following are the pictures of the “Special Day” celebrations.

You can definitely celebrate such a “Special Day” in your school or can include this as an activity for your individual or group counselling sessions. Try this and please share your experiences with me. Let me know through your comments what you think about this “Special Day” activity.


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