I targeted this presentation for students of Grade1- Grade 6 (entire PYP). This presentation is based on the book- “Be a bucket filler.”

Plan of Action

  • Show the video of the book-“ Be a bucket Filler”.
  • Followed by discussion based on the video.
  • PPT about the application of the principle of “bucket filling and dipping” and using “lid”

Due to time constrain and upcoming SLC preparation, no  activity could be conducted.

Through this story, discussion and PPT, students learnt about the concept of “bucket-filling, dipping and using lid” and they have the opportunity to practice it in the classroom and at home.

This was a very interactive session, where students gave responses of being bucket filler and by which ways their bucket can be empty. They understood various strategies to use in a crisis by using an imaginary lid. I was happy that the students were able to understand the concept of everyone carrying an invisible bucket with them, which can be filled or dipped depending on their own and others actions and behaviours.

The homeroom teachers took this concept further and have used this as part of their classroom management technique.

The aim of this activity is to get students thinking about their own thoughts and feelings and those of others; to give students some awareness into how their choices (words & actions) can make a difference!


Thank you for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee


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