When the school began in July, as a counsellor, I had to introduce myself to the entire PYP. I was wondering and thinking of my introduction. I thought the introduction should be catchy in a way that children could remember my exact role and understand my duty.  So, I came up with a PPT  and presented it in PYP assembly. This presentation was very interactive and it helped PYPians remember the role of counsellor visually with the help of images shown in the presentation. Due to presentation, I was able to explain in detail about individual sessions, group sessions, remedial sessions, classroom counselling (guidance classes) and classroom observation/ classroom helper.  Due to the clarity in the role and duty of counsellor, there is no shame or feelings of awkwardness among children to approach me. They freely come to my room and share their big/small problems.

You can buy this PPT along with other PPT on meet teh counsellor here http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mansee-Gupte

The cost is kept at a very reasonable rate, so that most of you can buy and use it for the benefit of the children. Thank you very much for purchasing this product….

Thank for reading my blog…

Mansee Gupte-Chatterjee


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